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Sewunique is dedicated to the fair production and sustainable creation of fun, comfortable and tailor made products. We are constantly looking for ways to improve without compromising on quality, as our goal is to produce well made garments that will last a long time (slow fashion).

All of our garments are designed and handmade in Australia and Bali, either in-house or outsourcing work to independent tailors. Our fabrics are personally sourced and purchased in small quantities by Penny. Where possible we use deadstock fabric from other Australian designers that would have otherwise ended up as waste. 

Sewunique focuses strongly on using natural fabrics. All of our underwear are lined with bamboo or cotton which is the byproduct of cutting out our patterns. This creates less waste and bamboo is arguably the best textile to line underwear with - it’s breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial and extremely soft. 

Whenever we use other textiles to make underwear (such as velvet and lace) the underwear is still lined with bamboo or cotton - so they may look beautiful on the outside but are still natural and breathable to wear.

Sewunique donates $1 from every sale to Ecologi, who plant trees and fund the world's best climate solutions.


Regular cold/warm machine wash and avoid tumble drying.

Any lingerie containing lace should be washed by hand or in a bra-bag where possible. If you do not own a bra bag, a pillow case can be used.

Tip: Washing clothes with a pinch of salt is a natural way to avoid colours running.